About porn actors and real lust of real people

Posted on Fri, 13 May 2022

What is actually different here with us? Well, first of all, we simply don't have porn actors here pretending to feel pleasure. Sure, there are those who have an incredible amount of fun during sex and show it in porn. But these are exceptions. If you have ever been in the scene and have produced something like this yourself, then you will be quite surprised how little real pleasure is behind it. Good actors can act well... And if you knew how much Viagra is consumed on the film sets - and many other things - you wouldn't want to watch such porn anymore.

We can show something completely different here: Real people who feel real pleasure. People don't know that they are being filmed, so they don't have to pretend at all. If you look closely at the videos, you will see how horny the women are partly and that just because they are naked. Some even start to masturbate in public because they are just too horny and can only think about their desire. Just today we have uploaded such a video: A young woman starts fingering herself even though she's in the pool with a friend! And she does it again and again, in the end even in the whirlpool/ jacuzzi!!!

I do not know if she is addicted to sex, but you can see exactly that she can not help it because of lust. She tries it in between also at the jet stream with the water pressure but unfortunately her friend disturbs it. So she continues to hide her hands between her legs and just continues with her fingers... I have seen this video 100 times and it makes me horny again and again. I'm sure you will feel the same way. Have fun with it!