How to recognize that women get horny under water

Posted on Mon, 25 April 2022

If you live underwater long enough you can study how women get horny underwater.... It starts with the fact that they move in a certain way! They use their legs to stimulate their lips of the vulva. They either cross their legs over each other over and over again or move both of them back and forth. In any case, something is happening down there. Then they put their hand between them and run a finger over their clitoris. Some women start to play with their nipples and massage their breasts. They do all this because they believe that no one sees what they do - except us here at UnderwaterSexcam. And when you talk to the girls they like to look at your dick or move in your direction. I have already experienced a lot. I like to tell more stories - if you want. In any case, warm water makes somehow horny - especially if you are naked. Have fun yet!