Some customers have told us that they have problems paying with a credit card. This can have many reasons but one of them is that access from certain countries is not possible due to legal requirements and strict rules of the credit card companies. However, via VPN the access to our site works without any problems.

Therefore, from now on there is also the possibility to pay by crypto currencies. Here is the how to:

1. Directly anonymous and only for bitcoin:

You send an email to or write via support form and tell us how many months membership access you want to have. Prices see below. Then we will send you an email with a one-time Bitcoin address to which you send the amount. After receiving we will send you an email with your username and password. A customer had this idea and it worked great. Of course, this requires a certain amount of trust. So far we have kept all our promises...

Since we have to do everything by hand, additionally exchange rate fluctuations can occur and the difference between buying and selling are considerable we have about 25% higher prices than by credit card. After receiving we will send your username and password.

And here are the prices in USD:

1 month membership: 49.95 USD:

3 month membership: 89.95 USD:

6 month membership: 124.95 USD

Recurring memberships are not possible at the moment because there is no API for that.

Tip: Total anonymous payment is possible by paying with Bitcoin. You might use a trashmail...

And if you still want to pay with you credit card use our payment processor Verotel: